About the EfS Asia Community

We are a growing community of practice centered on the idea of education for sustainability in Asia, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary considerations of higher education.  We currently include researchers and practitioners who work in over 17 countries, including all ten ASEAN nations, plus China, Japan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan. Our next conference will be 2-3 May in Singapore: 2017 EfS Asia Conference

Group portrait from 2014 conference

QR Code for /efsasiaUPDATES AND FURTHER DETAILS WILL BE POSTED HERE. The old NTU site will no longer be updated. Please change any bookmarks to this page.  New short URL =
http://bit.do/efsasia We also have a community group on LinkedIn: Education for Sustainability in Asia. Please join the conversation.

Revised versions of these pages will be posted here soon, but for now, more info on our Community Participants2016 Conference2015 Conference2014 Conference and 2013 Conference can be found on the NTU site.

Here is a brief overview of some of our work and plans, as presented by Dr. Michelle Y. Merrill at the 2014 Asian Conference on Education for Sustainability:

To find out more or to become involved in this community of practice, please contact Dr. Michelle Y. Merrill.

group portrait 2015 sm.png

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A community of practice for EfS, ESD, EE and Sustainable Education in Southeast Asia and neighboring countries. We focus on higher education, including teacher training.